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new reviews: The Left is Seldom Right !

16 Jan



“Right” Turns | Designs on the Truth

The Left is Seldom Right: New book challenges old Right-Left


Western Civilisation :: Book Review: Norman Berdichevsky, ‘The Left …


Undo  3 days ago – Norman Berdichevsky has written an important book on the perversion and rather useless innuendo around the political terms ‘Left and Write’.




Sep 12, 2011 The Left is Seldom Right, Norman Berdichevsky. 
http://radicalcentrism.org/2011/09/12/the-left-is-seldom-right-new-book-challenges-old-rig… – Cached

Interview on Paul Revere Radio in Los Angeles, Dec. 29, 2011


My book was also reviewed at the end of October on the FrontPage website by Jamie Glazov who works closely with David Horowitz

Posted in Daily Mailer,FrontPage

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The Left Is Seldom Right

by Jamie Glazov | October 31, 2011 | Posted in Daily Mailer,FrontPage

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